SOPHARM is a leading pharma training and business development consultancy in Poland. We focus on assisting pharmaceutical companies in the identification of business opportunities, technologies, products and partners for strategic alliances, through our consulting and information services. SOPHARM also assists companies in acquisitions, divestments and privatization projects. We are committed to providing the full spectrum of contract services required by our clients to make the critical transition from product development to peak market penetration, focusing on the decisive period - two years before the product is registered in Poland to two years after launch. During this period we may organize late phase clinical studies, supervise regulatory submission process and provide local market pharmacoeconomic data to support claims for reimbursement. Our customers can contract a dedicated sales force and SOPHARM will recruit, train and manage medical sales representatives in a region, or whole country, to supplement a customer’s own sales force during the most critical launch phase. We may also organize marketing campaigns, produce promotional materials and conduct PR activities.


Sopharm training programme is focused on two key issues:
  • Implementation of Polish HTA Agency directives for evaluation of health technologies in decision making regarding reimbursement and financing by Ministry of Health and National Health Fund
  • New rules of registration and marketing of pharmaceutical and “borderline products” voted by the Polish Parliament
Currently all Sopharm training programmes are delivered in Polish.
Dates subjects and content of available programmes are listed under the "Szkolenia" (Training) headline.
Scientific Conferences

Together with another consulting company - Awafarm, Sopharm has organized an International Scientific Conference "Emerging Trends in Registration and Reimbursement of Pharmaceuticals 2005-2010". The conference was held at the Cultural Center of the Barnabite Fathers in Warsaw, January 13-14, 2005. Conference materials in English may be found under "Conferences" headline.
Sopharm "Gatekeeper" Service

This is a tailored program that may introduce you to key organizations and potential business partners in the dynamic and fast-growing Polish marketplace. Designed to map-out your business schedule, thereby saving you time and money, Sopharm’s consultant will work with you as your „personal business planner", to arrange key appointments with interested Polish partners – well ahead of your visit.

When you arrive, you will receive :

  • Training and advice on privatization and reengineering of POLFA manufacturing plants, changes in the distribution system, health care reform and Sick Funds, registration procedures and principles of reimbursement,
  • Assistance in development of marketing and business plans,
  • Target list of key organizations and individuals in business and government to meet
Market research and technology transfer

  • Participation in due diligence studies.
  • Benchmarking analysis, based on comprehensive knowledge of local standards and customs.
Agency Services

  • Full range of agency services for companies lacking local office facilities,
  • Assistance in establishment of affiliated companies, representative or branch offices in Poland.
HTA, Pharmacoeconomics, pricing and reimbursement

  • Systematic Reviews, Metaanalysis, Cost-efectiveness and Budget Impact Analysis in Polish setting,
  • Design and execution of pharmacoeconomic studies in Poland and/or validation of foreign studies with local market pharmacoeconomic data to support claims for reimbursement,
  • Assistance in completion of reimbursement submission files,
  • Coaching and advice on price negotiations.
Marketing & Communications

  • Consultancy and planning of marketing campaigns,
  • Design and production of sales support materials,
  • Patient education programs
  • Co-ordination of PR activities
Contract Sales Force

  • Dedicated Sales Project Teams for large or small projects,
  • Field Force training in selling skills, product knowledge, market research and competitive intelligence,
  • Identification of target groups and validation of Field Force tactical management,
  • Contract Field Force management
Human Resource Management

  • Advice on recruitment, skill availability, salaries and executive benefits management
  • Assistance in performance appraisals and development of motivational compensation systems
New companies, entering Poland, that lack a local dedicated research, marketing or sales function, or lack presence or expertise in a critical area, will find outsourcing through SOPHARM an attractive alternative to the expensive and time-consuming task of building a permanent internal department. If you want to learn more, please call, send a fax or write a letter, stating your needs, to the following address:

SOPHARM Sp. z o.o.
9 Pańska St
05-110 Jabłonna
Phone/fax: +48 22 782 54 43